The six man double pontoon raft has been designed for the RR4500 Family Rafting slide, yet can also be used on other rafting slides. Rub rails around the circumference of the raft cause it to grip onto the side of the flume, resulting in a spinning motion. This adds to the excitement value, the  sensation being similar to a white water river rafting experience.


  • Outer diameter: 2.2m (7'2")

  • Base pontoon height: 450mm (18")

  • Upper pontoon height: 250mm (10")

  • Material: valmex 1000gm/m2 1000d/tex PVC fabric

  • Handles: 6 webbing handles and 6 webbing foot straps

  • Rub Rail: rubber strip around circumference of main pontoon.

  • Drain Holes: 8 drain holes on the base

  • Floor: Comfortable foam floor with PVC sitting surface.

Special Features:

  • Reinforced PVC patches on high wear areas.

  • Rubber strips on base for increasing traction on the conveyor system