Ideally, the design should take into account the natural surroundings and nearby developments. As many water park developments are constructed close to the coast, the design must be as harmonious as possible with the existing environment. Over the years we have identified the need to make our water parks as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This has led us to incorporate the following features/adaptations:-

The design will take into account the natural contours of the land. Staging levels, which would require some earthworks, would minimise the use of structures, thus making it the most cost-effective and efficient option. The use of concrete and/or timber treated poles in place of, or together with steel, would further reduce costs and would make it more aesthetically pleasing as it would blend in with the landscape.

There is a choice of 96 different pigments for the flumes, but we suggest the lighter shades of blue and green as they are more resistant to adverse weather conditions. They also allow the slides to blend in with the natural surroundings.

Once construction is complete, the site is landscaped. Indigenous plants shrubs and lawns are planted making the site compatible with the local vegetation.