The safety of patrons is of utmost importance to our reputation. Our experience and extensive research has established our product as one of  the safest on the market. In the 17 years we have been involved in the design, manufacture and construction of Waterslides, there has not been one serious injury on any of our slides. The following factors ensures an exceptionally high degree of safety:

Mr Wally James (President of Con-Serv and Associates and past Chairman of the World Water Park Assoc.) had the following comments after visiting one of Raging Rapid's water parks:

:"I clearly remember your waterslides and the unique catch pool configuration. I was amazed at the close frequency you were dispatching riders without apparent difficulties in the landing pool area. Your success in terms of lack of accidents was due to the high flow rate on the slides, coupled with the circular design of the catch area, which kept riders moving away from the pool entry point (slide exit mouth) and on to the ramp exit. By making the pool circular, you 'buy' the length that is needed to accommodate the ramp without having to occupy a large area.

Your 'triple-play' combination of high water flow in the flume, high velocity in the circular catch pool, and ramp exit are unique in the industry." (Wally James 1999)


Safety on the Slide:-

  1. The flume is over-round, (i.e.2/3 of a full circle). This makes it impossible for anyone to fall out of the slide.
  2. The flume is two metres wide. This allows complete freedom of movement and absolute safety. (In narrower flumes, one tends to bump against the sides causing injury.)
  3. The flume is designed with a gentle radius of six metres and a one-in-ten gradient, without dangerous speed sections. This ensures a fast, exciting, but safe ride.
  4. A high volume of water is pumped down the slide, (approx. 320 litres per second/5700 GPM). This controls the flow of patrons and reduces the chance of collisions on the ride.
  5. Imperceptible joints Our unique method of joining the sections eliminates sharp edges on the riding surface. The result is a safe, smooth, joint free riding surface.


Safety in the Pool:-

The round plunge-pool (see diagram below), has been designed in conjunction with the professor of Hydrology at the University of Cape Town- South Africa. The design of the round pool has proved to be most successful. It ensures that patrons entering the pool have the same momentum as patrons in the flume, thus eliminating stationary collisions.

It has been well documented through extensive research into water slide injuries, that most accidents occur at the plunge pool located at the end of the ride.
Furthermore, the circular motion of water in the pool ensures that patrons who are unable to swim are propelled quickly and safely to the exit ramp. Wally James (Previous Chairman of WWA) of the Water Park Association visited one of our water parks and stated that our slides were among the safest and most exciting that he had seen worldwide.

(Plunge Pool Circular movement
prevents stationary collisions)