Specially designed for very small children (6YRS and under). It is a scaled down version of the RR2000 Supertube. Children build their confidence on this ride and progress to the bigger slides quite easily.


  • Wide enough for adults to share the experience with their kids
  • Gentle gradient for kids
  • Gentle meandering bends
  • Slide sections are erected and bonded on site to ensure a smooth riding surface
  • 5 - year guarantee on all slide sections


Width 1m Diameter Flume (39")
Depth 0.7m, 220 (28")
Length 20m - 30m (66' - 98')
Height 2m - 3m (7' -19')
Velocity 1m - 4m Per second (6' - 13' / second)
Ride Capacity 1600 Riders per hour  
Water Volume 50 lt./ Second (793 GPM)
Entry Pool Size Freeform Pool  
Construction Hotdip galvanised steel platform, stairs and support structure. Fibreglass straight, convex and concave sections. Treated timber or concrete as alternatives.  
Finish Gelcoat inside, flowcoat outside (minimal to no maintenance)  

All rides have been constructed according to the Metric System of measurements