Ride Description:

With the Midi-tunnel ride you're in for a thrilling experience. On entering the jaws of the dark cavern, you're taken on a roller-coaster ride around 4.5m/ radius curves at a gut wrenching 4m/ second (13'/ second). The thrill of this ride will keep you coming back for more. Not for the faint hearted!

Unique Features

  • Completely enclosed tunnel ride tube and/ or body ride.
  • Dual loading starter box system.
  • High water volume and safe round water pool eliminates any risk of stationary collisions.
  • Slide sections are erected and bonded on site to ensure a smooth riding surface.
  • 5- year guarantee on all slide sections


Width 1.25m Diameter Flume (49")
Depth Totally Enclosed  
Length 8 m - 120m (262' - 394')
Height 8m - 12m (15' - 26')
Gradient 1:10  
Velocity 4m - 5m per second (13' - 16')
Throughput 1200 per hour  
Water Volume 130 Litres per hour  (2300 GPM)
Entry Pool Size 8m Diameter round pool  
Construction Hotdip galvanised steel platform, stairs and support structure. Fibreglass curved and straight sections enclosed. Treated timber or concrete as alternatives.  
Finish Gelcoat inside, flowcoat outside