Ride Description:
The RR2000 Supertube Ride is one of the most popular rides among the serious riders. The 2m (78") diameter allows this ride to be used as a tube and/ or body ride. The triple play action of the over round flume design, high water volume and 78" diameter flume gives riders incredible freedom of movement, making it a must for all water parks.
Unique features:
  • 3m (117") Diameter flume allows for this slide to be used as a tube and / or body ride.
  • 240 Over round flume design gives riders complete freedom of movement.
  • No add on extensions are required on the bends
  • High water volume allows for riders to be propelled high up on the sides, and the over round flume design eliminates the chance of anyone falling out.
  • Combination of high water volume & over round flume design creates a unique riding experience.
  • Slide sections are erected and bonded on site to offer a joint free, smooth riding surface.
  • The round exit pool eliminates any chance of stationary collision as riders are automatically propelled by the water flow, safely to the exit ramp.


Width 3m Diameter Flume (117")
Depth 1.7m, 240 overround (77")
Length 80m - 120m (262' - 393')
Height 8m - 12m (26' - 39')
Gradient 1:10
Velocity 4m - 5m per second (13' - 16' /second)
Ride Capacity 2400 Riders per hour  
Water Volume 360 lt. per second ( 5700 GPM)
Entry Pool Size 8m diameter round pool  
Construction hotdip galvanised steel platform, stairs and support structure. Fibreglass curved and straight sections. Treated timber or concrete as alternatives.  
Finish gelcoat inside, flowcoat outside  

All rides have been constructed according to the Metric System of measurements