Ride Description :

This ride is designed for families or groups of people who want to share the experience together. It allows for up to 6 people to ride in the same raft. The combination of the flume design together with the rubber rails on the raft causes the raft to grip the sides of the flume, resulting in a spinning motion. A special lifting system has been designed to lift the rafts onto the conveyor, thereby reducing staff requirements.

Unique Features:

  • 4.5m (177") wide flume

  • Patented double play action of slide design combined with rubber rails on the raft pontoons causing spinning motion, simulating white-water river rafting sensation.

  • Mechanised raft loading system designed to lift the raft onto the conveyor, thereby reducing staff operation requirements.

  • High water volume.

  • Slide sections are bonded on site to ensure a smooth riding surface.

  • 5 - year guarantee on all slide sections.


Width 4.5m Diameter ( 177")
Depth 1.7m Overround ( 67")
Length 90m -150m (295' - 490')
Height 6m - 8m (20' - 30')
Gradient 1:4  
Velocity 3m per second ( 10' per second)
Ride Capacity 3600 Riders per hour  
Water Volume 360lt. - 540lt per second ( 5700 GPM - 8500 GPM)
Entry Pool Size 10m diameter pool designed to allow patrons to exit and loading PF raft onto conveyor.  
Hot dip galvanised steel platform, stairs and support structure. Fibreglass curved and straight sections or concrete structure.  
Finish Gelcoat inside, flowcoat outside.  

All rides have been constructed according to the Metric System of measurements