Ride Description:

As the name suggests, this is a slow river ride, allowing patrons to take a leisurely ride, either in single or double tubes. It can be open and/ or tunnelled.

General Information:

This ride is ideal for parents with toddlers and older people who would not normally be able to take advantage of the faster, more daring rides. It is a must for any waterpark, which provides a wide variety of entertainment for all age groups and degrees of fitness & health.



Width 3.5m Diameter (138")
Depth 1m (40")
Length 250m - 450m (820' - 1480')
Height Level  
Velocity 0.5m - 1m Per second (1.65' - 3' per second)
Ride capacity Almost unlimited  
Water Volume Booster pumps  
Construction Concrete  
Finish 3M Scotchkote epoxy paint x3 Coats  

All rides have been constructed according to the Metric System of measurements