Ride Description:

This ride can be ridden with single tubes, mats, or as a body ride. Feel the need to race your friends, then the Multi Lane Racer is designed for you. Humps at various stages in the ride increases the excitement value and gives riders that "lift-off" feeling. This ride has proven to be one of the most popular rides in water parks where it has been introduced. The tubes are loaded onto a conveyor system from the exit pool and taken back up to the start.



Width 1.5m Inner diameter
1.7m Outer Diameter x 5 lanes
Depth 0.3m flat bottomed side (12")
Length 50m - 70m (164' - 230')
Height 12m (40'")
Gradient 1:5  
Velocity 9m -12m per second (30' - 40' / second)
Ride Capacity 1500 Riders per hour  
Water Volume 40lt. per second, per lane (635 GPM)
Entry Pool Size 10m wide x 8m long (or shut down lanes 1m - 0m deep)  
Construction Hotdip galvanised steel platform, stairs and support structure. Fibreglass formed sections. Treated timber or concrete as alternatives.  
Finish Gelcoat inside, flowcoat outside (minimal to no maintenance)  

All rides have been constructed according to the Metric System of measurements